Universal Caravans

Universal Caravans is a caravan manufacturer that has been one of Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers for decades. Universal Caravans has made a name for itself through the production and supply of quality and durable caravans made affordable for all. There is a caravan for every budget, lifestyle, and purpose. If you’re looking to take a road trip with your friends or family, buy Universal Caravans. The caravans are safe enough to protect you and your kids from harsh Australian weather conditions and any animals that might wander to your camping spot. Whatever your purpose for buying a caravan, there is a perfect Universal Caravan for it.

Universal Caravans can boast of quality and durable range of caravans. Range in terms of sizes and specifications. Universal Caravans ensure that their caravans go through rigorous testing processes, so whatever Universal Caravan in the market is durable and you would get value for your money. Universal Caravans are usually assets and not liabilities.

There are several ranges of Universal Caravans. They include but are not limited to:


Hollywood is a caravan manufactured by Universal Caravans. This caravan gives you a taste of the outdoors, with just enough comfort and luxury. It has a strong chassis, made exclusively for Universal Caravans. A strong chassis is what protects you from harsh weather, as well as bad road conditions. The chassis is the bodywork of a vehicle, and durability cannot be achieved without a strong and quality chassis. Hollywood caravans boast strong and one-of-a-kind chassis.

The exterior and interior parts of the caravan are not left out. The caravans are made to accommodate all your needs, including providing just enough space to prevent claustrophobia. The interior is well furnished, with top-notch appliances and gadgets that will augment your comfort.


The Transformer is another caravan marvel from Universal Caravans. Taking a family road or camping trip can be fun. However, kids tend to get tired of enclosed spaces quite easily, and they can be a bother when they are irritated. They also need enough space so they won’t be in each other’s space. Throw in television and some other gadgets and you will have an awesome road trip. To maximise your enjoyment on a road trip, you have to go for luxury as well as quality. Quality in that you won’t have to worry about your caravan breaking down in the middle of the road, and luxury in that you get to enjoy the comfort of being in your own home.

It has the name transformer because it has an awesome slide-out feature that becomes the kids’ room. It also has two comfortable bunks which your kids will just love.


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