Paramount Caravans

Paramount Caravans is an Australian caravan brand that has been in the business of manufacturing multipurpose caravans for Australians for more than two decades. Paramount Caravans can boast of years of quality service to caravan lovers and owners, with the constant desire to upgrade and produce better caravans for their customers. They not only produce one of the best caravans in Australia, but they also have a range of caravans for various uses. They aim to satisfy all Caravan needs for all users.

On-Grid and Off-Grid Caravans

Paramount Caravans offer off-grid and on-grid caravans, for those who would like to take road or family trips on both the good and bad roads of Australia. If you would like to take a road or camping trip to the rough areas of Australia, a Paramount Caravan is a great choice for you. You not only have the perfect caravan that can withstand all types of road conditions, but you also have access to luxury on these trips. All these benefits come at a pocket-friendly price.

Pop Top Caravans

Sometimes, traveling in style and luxury might require you to pack a lot of your possessions. Paramount Caravans manufacture pop-top caravans that satisfy this desire. You can now pack your personal belongings without having to worry about space or claustrophobia. The storage space is in the roof or the top, and when you are ready to settle down in your caravan, you just pop the top to create more space.


There are caravans for everyone. The size that most suits your lifestyle is available at Paramount Caravans. There are caravans for individuals, groups of friends, and families. If you have been planning a road trip with your friends or partner, the most suitable size is available. Some caravans cater to the needs of families, with provisions for kid bunks and adult beds.



Taking a road trip can be quite fun and fulfilling. Why not top it up with a splash of luxury? Paramount Caravans offers you a taste of luxury right from the chassis of their caravans, down to the interior. Each caravan is well furnished and equipped with gadgets and devices that will make your road trips even more fulfilling than you dreamed. There are comfortable beds, furniture, and state-of-the-art devices that will make your life on the road just as comfortable. The equipment and devices vary from one caravan to the other, but one thing that remains constant is the offer of quality and luxury.


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