Avida Caravans

The Avida Caravan brand is one of Australia’s oldest caravan manufacturers. With more than five decades of experience in the caravan industry, Avida has had more than enough time to perfect the quality and durability of its caravans. The Australian-owned caravan brand uses quality Australian-made materials and products in the production of caravans. If these materials are unavailable, or if inferior ones are available, Avida never hesitates to import the needed materials.

It is a brand that prides itself on quality, durability, and luxury. They have strong chassis, made of lightweight sandwich panels. The chassis is made of a special fiberglass material that is strong enough to resist dents and hailstorms. The roofs are so fortified that you can even choose to stand on them.

Avida caravans are manufactured with environmentally friendly materials. If you have decided to go green, then you should invest in an Avida caravan. The caravans are made with conscious consideration of the planet. They are fuel-efficient, generate their electricity through the use of solar panels, and have adequate storage for waste and black water for proper disposal later on. The chassis is made of recyclable materials that won’t damage the planet.


There is a five-year structural guarantee, three-yearfactory-backed warranty, and two-year roadside assistance. In addition to these, your first service is free. All these incentives are available to maximise the enjoyment of your caravan for a long time. For you to qualify for these services, you have to service your caravan at least twice a year.


When it comes it range, Avida caravans can proudly say they have a wide range of caravans for various purposes. The range is not limited to just specifications and sizes. You also get to choose from at least five colours. Every caravan manufactured by Avida goes through a series of testing stages so you can be assured that you are buying not just the caravan of your choice, but also excellent quality.

You can also choose to build your caravan if the specifications are not suitable enough for you.


In terms of innovation, Avida Caravans remains the best. From the time it was established, Avida caravans have been striving to keep up with the current technology. Every newly released Avida caravan is equipped with the latest technology that will ensure that you have a safe and luxurious time on the road. The innovation is not limited to just luxury but also to save the planet.

Air-conditioning systems that only function during extreme weather conditions and can turn themselves on and off when the need arises, can be found in Avida caravans. There are also automatic lighting systems that turn themselves on and off. These innovations are in place to help reduce your consumption of fuel during your road trips.

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