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Empire Times Caravans & Motorhomes is an independent caravan and motorhome broker. We have been supplying caravans to caravan lovers in Australia for decades.

About Us

Welcome to Empire Times Caravans & Motorhomes

your one-stop shop for all your caravan and motorhome needs. We are quality caravan and motorhome brokers based in Melbourne, Australia. Empire Times Caravans & Motorhomes is the answer to all your road or camping trips if you are looking for comfort without going overboard financially. We have been in the business of supplying caravans and motorhomes, as well as other services for years. We have successfully secured a spot as one of Australia’s leading caravan and motorhome brokers because we provide quality at pocket-friendly prices.

Our Range


Universal Caravans

Universal Caravans is a caravan manufacturer that has been one of Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers for decades. Universal Caravans has made a name for itself through the production and supply of quality and durable caravans made affordable for all. There is a caravan for every budget, lifestyle, and purpose. If you’re looking to take a road trip with your friends or family, buy Universal Caravans.


Roma Caravans

Roma Caravans is a caravan brand that has more than nine decades of experience in the caravan manufacturing industry. If you are skeptical about buying a caravan from a manufacturer without experience, you don’t have to bother about that. Roma Caravans has spent all those decades coming up with a new way to satisfy all your caravan needs. They are constantly requesting feedback from customers, and ideas on how to serve you better.


Avida Caravans

The Avida Caravan brand is one of Australia’s oldest caravan manufacturers. With more than five decades of experience in the caravan industry, Avida has had more than enough time to perfect the quality and durability of its caravans. The Australian-owned caravan brand uses quality Australian-made materials and products in the production of caravans. If these materials are unavailable, or if inferior ones are available, Avida never hesitates to import the needed materials.


Paramount Caravans

Paramount Caravans is an Australian caravan brand that has been in the business of manufacturing multipurpose caravans for Australians for more than two decades. Paramount Caravans can boast of years of quality service to caravan lovers and owners, with the constant desire to upgrade and produce better caravans for their customers.


Crusader Caravans

Crusader Caravans is an Australian-owned brand that specialises in creating quality caravans. So much attention is put into each manufacturing process, and all to give you the best. There are various brands and specifications of caravans, but one thing all caravan owners have in common when it comes to buying a caravan is quality.


JB Caravans

JB Caravans is an Australian-owned caravan that has been in the manufacturing industry for decades. Their years of experience have provided them with all the knowledge and expertise they need to give satisfy all your caravan needs. In terms of durability and longevity, you are buying a caravan that will be well worth the money spent.

Sell Your Caravan

One thing that is constant for humans is change. We always want change. You can desire to sell your caravan because you want an upgrade, or you might have decided it’s time to hang up your traveling boots and settle down. You might also require cash, and your most disposable asset could be your caravan. Whatever reason you have for selling your caravan, Empire Times Caravans & Motorhomes will have the process carried out for you with ease.

Service and Repairs

A lot of people battle with their vehicles turning out even worse after a “repair” has been carried out. This is because most times, we are not careful or picky enough when it comes to taking our vehicles to the auto shop. Some repair workshops are shady enough to even take out integral parts from your vehicle and at the end of the day, you lose on both ends. Service and repairs are indispensable when you have a vehicle, and it is important to deal with only the most credible automobile workshops in Australia.

Caravan Finance

Taking a road or camping trip can be exhilarating and fulfilling. It can also be quite expensive. Consider the cost of transportation, cost of feeding and lodging, and other miscellaneous expenses. If you’re someone who takes or would like to take regular trips like this, then you would most likely be incurring a hefty cost. Why not invest in a caravan instead?


We are all aware of insurance and how important it is to have one for our valuable assets. However, a lot of caravan owners don’t know that owning a caravan should be paired with having insurance for that caravan. Caravans are very valuable, and they usually cost a lot so it is only logical to get an insurance policy for them.


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