JB Caravans

JB Caravans is an Australian-owned caravan that has been in the manufacturing industry for decades. Their years of experience have provided them with all the knowledge and expertise they need to give satisfy all your caravan needs. In terms of durability and longevity, you are buying a caravan that will be well worth the money spent. The caravan is so strong that even after you have used it for a while, you can decide to sell it, and it will still have a high resale value.

The caravans are built for all lifestyles. There are caravans for extreme adventurers who most times venture into the remote parts of Australia, caravans for occasional users who want to take a road or camping trip, and caravans for families. There are various sizes and specifications, and you are assured that there is a percent JB caravan just for you.

Why Buy JB Caravans?

There are tons of reasons to go for a JB caravan. The sole purpose of the brand is to provide satisfaction to all types of customers, from extreme caravan lovers to occasional users.


Every JB caravan you buy assures you or durability and longevity. You will be using the caravan for a very long time unless you want to upgrade to a newer model or a different specification. The caravans are so durable that even if you decide to sell them after a while, you are getting a reasonable amount of money for them.

Value For Money

Buying a JB caravan is a worthy investment, and the innovative technology and design, as well as the luxury of each caravan, is guaranteed to give you financial satisfaction.


You deserve luxury on all your road and camping trips, whether long or short. Every single second you spend satisfying your desire to be on the road should be smooth and luxurious. Each caravan is equipped and furnished with gadgets and furniture designed to make you feel like royalty. The caravan is also spacious enough that you don’t feel cramped at any point. This is your opportunity to experience both nature and luxury at their peak.


Dirt Roader

The Dirt Roader is a caravan designed for semi-off road adventures. It has a strong chassis that can brace even the harshest of Australian climates while maintaining a balanced temperature on the inside. The interior is tastefully furnished with all the appliances and furniture you need to enjoy your road trip.


This caravan is suitable for all types of travels, and all sorts of purposes. Do you plan on taking a road or camping trip with your family? Are you an adventure enthusiast? Are you a traveller by profession? Whatever your road travel needs are, the Dreamline range aims to satiate them.

Peter Crisp Caravans will provide you with the perfect JB Caravan, brand new or second-hand. The best part is that we sell them at fair prices.