Lotus Caravans

Why Lotus Caravans? Lotus Caravans checks off a couple of important items on a caravan lover’s list. It is purely Australian-owned, for one, with years of experience in manufacturing quality caravans. The caravans are made from excellent quality materials, with a strong and sturdy chassis that can take you wherever you want to go. They promise longevity and durability while providing you the luxury you very well deserve. Whether you are looking to take a long or short road or camping trip, a Lotus Caravan will leave you fully satisfied both mentally and physically.


This is the perfect caravan for you if you desire to take an off-road trip into your favorite woods, or into the depths of Australia. It is built with a sturdy chassis that was designed to withstand the bumpy roads and harsh climates of Australia. So even when you are deep in the woods, with a hailstorm brewing, you don’t have to worry about the temperature. The chassis is well insulated to regulate the temperature around you, whether hot or cold.

The caravan is also light enough that it can be towed by your vehicle without consuming an unnecessary amount of fuel. This caravan helps you cut fuel costs, and also saves the planet by consuming less fuel. The interior is well designed, and you have all the furniture and appliances you need to have a luxurious stay for a short or long period. There are also various sizes for various purposes.


The chassis of the Freelander is built with German-made composite panels that are supported within an aluminum frame. It is sturdy, designed to withstand harsh road and weather conditions. It has a very strong battery that can power your caravan for a very long period. There is enough solar power and strength to last you throughout long or short road and camping trips.


If the only limiting factor that has been preventing you from taking a road or camping trip with your family was the most suitable caravan for an average family, then this caravan is the solution to that problem. It is suitable for both on-road and off-road trips. It has a chassis that is strong enough to protect you and your family from the harsh weather conditions of Australia.

When kids are cramped in a tight space for a long time, they tend to get cranky and get on your nerves. However, give them enough space and some of their favorite gadgets, and you can all enjoy the peace and tranquillity you were aiming for where you decided to take a road trip. The Off-Grid caravan has a triple panel solar system and enough water storage space.

Whatever your caravan needs might be, we aim to satisfy them at Peter Crisp Caravans. We have an unlimited supply of brand new and second-hand Lotus Caravans, available to you at pocket-friendly prices. A Lotus caravan is what you need if you desire to travel in style and comfort without breaking your bank.