Sell Your Caravan

One thing that is constant for humans is change. We always want change. You can desire to sell your caravan because you want an upgrade, or you might have decided it’s time to hang up your traveling boots and settle down. You might also require cash, and your most disposable asset could be your caravan. Whatever reason you have for selling your caravan, Empire Times Caravans & Motorhomes will have the process carried out for you with ease.


The process of selling a caravan can be quite rigorous. There are a lot of requirements you have to meet before you can successfully sell your caravan.At Empire Times Caravans & Motorhomes, we help reduce the stress by carrying out the major processes for you. You present us with the proof of ownership for your caravan and after confirming that you are the real owner, or you have the consent of the owner to sell, we begin the process from there.

The caravan has to be properly inspected to ensure it’s in perfect working condition. We have expert technicians who will carry out this inspection. We ask questions such as how often you had the caravan serviced and maintained yearly, and if you have had any parts replaced. If you have had any parts replaced, we have to know if you purchased quality parts or not.

All these questions help us make an appraisal and determine what your caravan would be worth. Our aim at Empire Times Caravans & Motorhomes is to ensure that both parties always win, and in this case, we will ensure that you get the best price for your caravan.

Revamp Services

For caravans that require repair and revamping services, we recommend that you leave it to your caravan brokers. If you are looking to sell a caravan that needs to be repaired, it would cost a lot more to have it done at a regular repair shop. Leave it to us, and we will have the caravan repaired and revamped if the need arises. The cost of repair and revamping will be deducted from the value of the caravan when it is sold and you win both ways. You get to cut repair costs and also get the exact price for your caravan.

We connect buyers and sellers

If you have decided that you want to carry out the process of selling your caravan yourself, we can connect you with the right buyers. We carry out adequate checks on both buyers and sellers to ensure that no one gets scammed. We save you the stress of searching for buyers, which can even turn out futile. At Empire Times Caravans & Motorhomes, we always have people who are looking to buy second-hand caravans and we can refer them to you today. We can also assist you with the legal process of transferring ownership of the caravans.

Whatever caravan services you might need, Empire Times Caravans & Motorhomes are the answer.