Roma Caravans

Roma Caravans is a caravan brand that has more than nine decades of experience in the caravan manufacturing industry. If you are skeptical about buying a caravan from a manufacturer without experience, you don’t have to bother about that. Roma Caravans has spent all those decades coming up with a new way to satisfy all your caravan needs. They are constantly requesting feedback from customers, and ideas on how to serve you better.

In the area of technology, Roma Caravans supersedes most caravan brands. There is constant research on the best technology to install in eachmodel of caravan, all just to make your road trips as luxurious as possible. Only the best and most durable materials and products are used in the manufacturing process. A caravan is only deemed ready for sale after it has been rigorously tested by various technicians.


Roma Caravans has put in place several ways to ensure that you enjoy your caravan for a long period beyond using durable materials to produce durable products. There is a warranty period of one year right from the manufacture date. If within this period, a defect occurs as a result of the materials used or the workmanship, the manufacturers will repair or replace that defective part free of charge, or replace the caravan with another one. Terms and conditions however apply.


Elegance and Elegance On-Site

These are on-road and semi-off-road caravansbuy it to give you a heightened sense of adventure and fulfillment. The caravans have strong chassis and everything you need for a fulfilling and luxurious road or camping trip. They are also spacious enough to take away any claustrophobic feeling.

Razorback Sports

Just as the name suggests, it’s a sporty caravan that is quite suitable for both on and off-road trips. It is equipped with everything you need to enjoy the luxury and style you deserve while exploring the depths of Australia. It has a solar panel that is strong enough to power all your gadgets, a very strong battery that can take you to several places without running out, and a water storage system that ensures you never have to run out of water.

Elegance Rogue International

If you are a lover of both extreme adventures and luxury, Roma Caravans has the perfect caravan for you. The chassis of this caravan is so strong, it can brace even the harshest Australian roads. It was designed to help you venture deep into the remote areas of Australia while providing you with luxury and satisfaction.

 You can contact us if the information provided is not enough for you to buy a Roma caravan and we will be more than happy to answer your further questions. We have both brand new and second-hand Roma Caravans for sale, and we are convinced that we have the most suitable one for your budget and lifestyle in stock.