New Year, New Tav

A Brief Summary of Changes Made at the Tav for 2018

Words by Cameron Lowe

There has been a lot of changes to Flinders University over the last twelve months, with the Tavern by Burger Theory joining in too. Known to many students as the Tav, there’s been an overhaul of their menu over the summer break and leading into the 2018 academic year.

Perhaps the biggest change is with the burgers, where the meat options now contain a blend of kangaroo and beef in their patties. Chatting with Rob Dean, owner of the Tav, he said the choice to switch to kangaroo meat was due to the rising cost and the ecological impact of beef. Kangaroo, originally suggested as a joke about a year ago, quickly became a possible idea due to being more ecologically friendly. The blending of kangaroo and beef meat is part of preserving the taste of the original patties.

Burger sizes have also shrunk. Dean said this decision was a way of cutting costs, and to prevent raising the price of the original sized burgers. Other changes include the ceasing of “The Burger of the Month” deal, which will be replaced with fish burgers and a new version of the Number 2 with wild boar bacon. The wrapping of the burgers has changed too, with foil taking place over the original paper.

These changes have allowed the Tav’s burger meals to become more affordable for students. For example, the Truckburger with fries now costs $11.60 rather than the original, which cost $10 and fries being an extra $4. Customers also now have the option of swapping the fries for a small Greek salad. For vegetarians and vegans, a new burger is, at the time of this article’s writing, currently in development which will be ready by the start of semester one.

The new Truckburger (minus the tomato) with chips and a pint of Hawkers IPA

On tap drinks have also changed over the summer break. Drinks like Mismatch Brewery, the TAVERN Session Ale, and Hills Apple Ciders have replaced the original Vale Ale. They all continue to remain at good prices, with a pint of the TAVERN Session Ale being $5.

While there have been major changes at the Tav, some things remain unchanged. Menu items like Pearl’s Detroit-style pizza are still served. A whole pizza (6 slices) remains $24 while a single slice is $4.20. Wings (both Buffalo and Honey Soy) are still sold. Their prices are: $10.80 for ten and $18.80 for twenty. The Tav’s excellent customer service too remains unchanged, as does its friendly, relaxed atmosphere.