Artist/Photographer Callout 2018

Applications Close: 24th December, 2017


It’s a new start for Empire Times! With this, we’re looking around for artists and photographers who will contribute pieces to us over the year. If you have submitted artwork/photography to us before ad are still a student, we’re still open to submissions from you.


Artists & Photographers will not have a set position in every issue like columnists and sub-editors do, therefore there is no need for an application. Artists and photographers are welcome to contribute as many pieces per issue as they like and they can pitch ideas to the editors via email, but pitching isn’t necessary before submitting artwork.

Often editors will approach artists to illustrate or design something specific to match a theme or an article. The editors reserve the right to alter and adapt artwork submitted to the magazine, but do not claim ownership over any artwork. Outside of minor adjustments such as cropping, colour, and contrast/brightness adjustments, the Artist will be made aware of any changes made to their work before publication with the approval of the Artist. Artwork will either be presented as a 1-2 page stand-alone art piece or accompany a relevant article.

All images must be submitted in:


JPG is undesirable for high-resolution images.

300dpi CMYK

If you’re interested in a sub-editor or columnist position, please find the link to the page here.

Image Source.