FRINGE: Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

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Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

Helen is one hell of a lady! Her one-woman show is my favourite thing I’ve seen at the 2017 Fringe (so far). It’s not quite what you’d expect, but that’s ok, because what it is, is a 50-minute spectacle of sexual expression and comedy.

Featuring story-time, koalas, a jungle safari, hands-free balloon animals (impressive, right?), gameshows, sing-a-longs and multiple dazzling costume changes. Come in relaxed and open (and perhaps a little drunk) and you will cry with laughter!

As she says: “Things might get a bit weird but that’s cool… just go with it.”

*As always, for max participation sit in the front rows or aisles.

Review by Lauren Taylor.

Image credit: Fringe Festival website.