FRINGE: Peter and Bambi Heaven, The Magic Inside

Short, Sharp, Shiny Fringe Show Suggestions:

Peter and Bambi Heaven, The Magic Inside

Ever seen a woman jump-rope with chewing gum?

Don’t be fooled by the title, this isn’t a Disney tale of Peter Pan and Bambi the deer.

The most farcical duo since Kath and Kel Knight are here to perform both classic 80’s rock songs and death defying tricks (neither of which go particularly to plan, in the name of humour…).

Their outrageous characters, disco costumes and frequent nudity (what’s the nip-slip term for a ball sack?) will have you laughing, cheering and wooing. Definitely not one to attend with your grandma.

SIDE NOTE: This is the 3rd show this year I’ve seen that contains periods and cucumbers- is there some trend I don’t know about??

Review by Lauren Taylor

Photo Credit: Fringe World website.