Adelaide beat king Oisima finished off his Nicaragua Nights National Tour at the Rocket Bar last Saturday. Music reviewer Aden Beaver gives us the lowdown on the night:

Last weekend Adelaide’s own Oisima finished the launch tour of his debut LP Nicaragua Nights at the Rocket Bar, demonstrating how to translate his calm, immersive beats into a full clubhouse atmosphere. He kept the dancefloor warm on a cold, wet night with his blended soundscape of Eastern-influenced sounds and contemporary soul.

First on the warm-up list for the night was How Green, playing a selection of cool, psychedelic house beats on a set of drum machines. The music got progressively more exotic as the night went on with Mei Saraswati performing an extensive range of eastern-influenced rhythms and percussion beats from her own catalogue. She sang with grace and candour, setting the mood for Oisima.

After a deep intro song, Oisima dove straight into the set with ‘Grover’s Lament’; the honey-soaked trumpets and heavy drum work enough to get everyone on the floor moving. Oisima didn’t stop the beats, performing unreleased originals and improvising on the drumpads. After several songs he invited Annabel Weston onto the stage to perform ‘Makes Me Feel Alright’ and ‘Everything About Her’. Mei Saraswati later returned to the stage to perform the single ‘Sun of Truth’.

Despite having a few technical difficulties, in which Oisima could hear nothing through the foldbacks, he maintained a solid performance and didn’t trip up. One thing I wished Oisima had done was improvise more and play around with the songs off the album, but the tracks I hadn’t heard before made up for that aspect.

Check out Oisima’s tunes via Soundcloud and watch ‘Sun of Truth’ feat Mei Saraswati here

Nicaragua Nights is available via iTunes
Nicaragua Nights is available via iTunes

Words by Aden Beaver