Fringe: Trixie and Monkey

The time is ripe for this erotic, acrobatic duo hailing from New York. Trixie & Monkey host a delightfully playful show that will make you go bananas! Jess Nicole reviews their latest show, “The Time is Ripe”. Performances run from 19-27 of Feb at the Royal Croquet Club in the Adelaide CBD.


Trixie and Monkey. Image by Eli Schmidt
Trixie and Monkey. Image by Eli Schmidt

In character from beginning until end, Monkey ushered guests in with a cheeky smile and alluring black fishnet stockings while Trixie, emerging in a provocative white dress, welcomed the audience as guests to their wedding. Based around the twosome’s journey of love, the show told a flipping good story of how one monkey and one woman came to have a relationship beyond that of any Tarzan and Jane.

Particularly enjoyable were the striking yet natural gender paradoxes displayed through dress, desire and dependability. Trixie & Monkey were individually and collectively powerful and delicate, flirtatious and coy, feminine and masculine, dominant and submissive. Their acrobatics were remarkable and one couldn’t help but murmur “how the hell…?” when Trixie, a pintsized vixen, was capable of holding a hairy monkey-man upside-down using her ankles.

The strip-teasing couple lowered the walls of inhibition and legitimised sexual prowess through their unapologetic and confident expression of sexual desire and sexually risqué humour. Overall, Trixie & Monkey’s The Time is Ripe is not for the prudish but is wholeheartedly for an audience who is willing to engage and appreciate love, sex, flirtation, role reversal, and glamour. If there is one thing you can take away from the show it’s this: sex and humour are not mutually exclusive and, if anything, they belong together — just like Trixie & Monkey.

Words by Jess Nicole

Tickets can be purchased from Adelaide FringeTIX