2015 Deadlines & Themes

Empire Times in 2015 will have some broad-ranging themes to help contributors and artists with ideas and inspiration. Below each theme, we have added a list of words that would fit within the theme. This list is by no means exhaustive, so please add your own ideas to ours and let us know what you want to create with it!

Please note that pieces will not be rejected for publication merely because they do not fit within the themes we have decided upon for the year. Themes are provided to give each issue of the magazine structure and cohesion, and to provide ideas for contributors who want to write, but need a boost in a particular direction.

Issue 1: Beginnings (Contributor Deadline: 23rd Jan. Issue available after the 23rd Feb)

Beginnings, rookie, newbie, start, fresh, journey, new, trepidation, first times, new adventures, birth, inception, launch, origin, commencement, opening, prelude, take off, induction, blast off, debut.

Issue 2: Justice (Contributor Deadline: 16th Feb. Issue available after the 18th Mar)

Cops, policing, injustice, courts, fairness, prison, illegalsubstances, student advocacy, civil rights, adaptations, justice league,legalisation, whistle-blowers, defence, sex scandals, political correctness,order, sentencing, crime, rehabilitation, wrongdoings, double crossing etc

Issue 3: Creativity (Contributor Deadline: 9th Mar . Issue available after the 8th Apr)

Art, artists, ideas, comics, thoughts, alternative paths,creation myths, innovation, imagination, originality, inspiration, invention,creative types, pathological liars, story-telling, fantasy, science fiction,animism, muses, tattoos, graffiti, creating art, art materials, mediums,pigments, use of colour, history of art, how to view and critique art,iconography, typography, digital design, graphics, animation

Issue 4: Chaos (Contributor Deadline: 13 Apr . Issue available after the 13th May)

Disorder, chaotic good, organised chaos, structure,disarray, madness, havoc, upheaval, pandemonium, frenzy, disruption,tumultuous, relationships, cacophony, heavy metal, chaos theory, hackers,creating chaos, chaotic characters, Isis, Ebola outbreak, anarchy, ScottMorrison

Issue 5: Home (Contributor Deadline: 11 May. Issue available after the 27th Jul—O’week)

Refugees, asylum, homelessness, comfort, statelessness,moving out, moving in, familiar, safe, birth place, country, domain,institution, homemade, local, apartment, post code, headquarters, home-base,home-run, renting vs buying, life, going home, new homes, land, movinginterstate/internationally, homesick, climate change, space travel, Mars colony,buying property to be a Lord/Lady

Issue 6: Sex (Contributor Deadline: 19 Jun . Issue available after 10th Aug)

Sex, sexuality, gender, trans gender, identity, sex sells, love, realities of porn, sex online, sexualisation in the media, religion and sex, tampon tax, women and men in the ages, flirting, dating and the stages of relationships, cross dressing, drag queens, gender norms, designer vaginas, childbirth, abortion, sex workers, casual sex, STIs, fetishes, vanilla, consent, technology, history of sex, group sex, swingers, kinks and the kink scene, sexting, trans vaginal ultrasounds, right to life, pro choice, contraception, coming out, male birthcontrol, commitment, adult shops, sex toys, arousal, satisfaction, orgasms, sexual interest, lack of sex, asexuality, importance of sex, sex as you age, body positivity, sex facts, sex education: what is being taught and what should be taught in our schools?

Issue 7: Explore (Contributor Deadline: 20 Jul. Issue available after the 31st Aug)

Adventure, travel, new cultures, the best ways to explore, what should you take on explorations, best places to explore, trying new foods, learning (language, instrument, hobby, skills, driving, education, religion, philosophy, new theories, new research and experiments), journeys, finding meaning, heritage, history, family lines, science, space, cyberspace, exploring oneself, self-actualization, new and old experiences

 Issue 8: Consume (Contributor Deadline: 17 Aug. Issue available after the 22nd Sep)

Consumerism, shopping, take in, education, media, technology, consumer identities, brands, food, obesity epidemic, fat shaming, feederism, most popular new technologies, 24 hour media cycle, Twitter, Facebook, social media, instant gratification, hunger, always wanting more, to be consumed by something (e.g. fanaticism, love, mental illness), withholding information

Issue 9: Free For All (Contributor Deadline: 4th Sep. Issue available after the 15th Oct)

Anything goes! From the wacky and wonderful to the informative and serious – write what you would want to read!

Issue 10: Finales (Contributor Deadline: 28 Sep . Issue available after the 26 Oct)

Graduation, endings, finishing, moving away, TV shows that ran too long, relief, happy endings, cancelled TV shows, sequels that never came out, the end of print/paper, quitting, getting fired, rage quits, transformation, starting afresh, growing, break ups, grief, brief, death, Armageddon, the Rapture, zombie apocalypse, abandoning the planet, plagues, climate change tipping point, end of lives, end of construction zone, the final countdown, last chance, last call, learning to call it a night, quitting smoking, growing up, suicide, euthanasia, getting old