Positions: Columnist

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Applications close: NEVER! We are always looking for new people to contribute!

Email: empire.times@flinders.edu.au

All positions are voluntary due to a limited budget. However, Sub-Editors, Columnists, Artists and Photographers will be thanked through various means during the year (e.g. tickets, prizes). For those considering a position as Editor in the future, it is recommended that you apply for a position within the magazine in order to develop skills well suited to the role. Positions are defined and created by the editors and, as such, the editors reserve the right to dismiss position holders. In most cases, this will happen in the instance the position holder has not worked according to their position description.

On merit alone, position holders of the previous year who have successfully upheld their role’s responsibilities may be accepted for the same position. However, if a previous position holder intends on contributing to a different section then they will have to reapply. For those who have previously held a position within the magazine and wish to do so again, please contact the editors to discuss your continuation within that role.

Please note that Empire Times is the student publication of Flinders University and therefore the submissions of current students will be prioritised above the submissions of Flinders alumni and South Australian university students. Only current Flinders University students are eligible for positions. The editors reserve the right to create and remove positions and position holders at any time. Submitting to Empire Times may include both print and online publication. Upon publication confirmation, contributors agree to embargo material published in Empire Times until two weeks after publication of that issue. This currently includes both print and online spaces.

Columnist Positions

Columnists will be expected to write on their chosen topic for each issue beginning with this application. The role of a Columnist involves writing in accordance with the submission rubric, which is available via the Empire Times Contributors Facebook group under ‘Files’.

Please see the Submission Guidelines for word counts, submission process etc. Columnists may also be assigned roles for investigative pieces, interviews or reviews. They may be asked to review an event, band, theatre production or art exhibition. Editors will endeavour to acquire media passes wherever possible. Columnists are encouraged to collaborate with the editors and expected to regularly pitch article ideas to the editors and visa versa.

Columnists are the bread and butter of the magazine. They represent the student body and voice while developing their writing and communication skills. These are the students who are capable of balancing study, life, and the magazine. They are also the successful, talented writers of the future. They will be writing the novels, poems and blog posts we read, updating us on the latest news and politics we retweet or share, writing the reviews that will determine whether we see a film, and inspiring other writers to be more.

How to apply:

There are two stages: an application stage and a submission.

Applicants will need to submit a cover letter and their first article/submission. The cover letter should outline the applicant’s vision for the column and provide evidence of their passion for the topic. No previous experience is required however a good knowledge of the English language and the ability to engage students is expected.

Empire Times is looking for Columnists in the area of:

  • Politics
  • Opinions
  • Features
  • Interviews
  • Music
  • Film (reserved for web only)
  • Feminism
  • Sex
  • Science
  • Art
  • Technology and innovation
  • A day in the life of_____
  • For and Against (requires sourcing an opposing opinion)
  • Rookie’s Guide
  • Insert creative column idea here!

We require applicants to answer the following questions with an appropriate level of detail. Please include these in a word document with your expression of interest.

  1. What section would you like to be responsible for as a Columnist and why?
  1. Describe your writing style and approach.
  1. Describe your experience for this role.
  1. How do you cope with deadlines?
  1. How will you balance your study and role as Columnist?
  1. Do you have any questions or comments for us?

Successful applicants will start as soon as possible. Any questions please contact us.