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‘The Professor’ – Hannah Everett, 2014

If I were to ask you about your education what would you say?

I went to uni?

I finished year 10?

I went to college?

How many numbers have been assigned to you.

Student Number 738642

80% distinction.

Third in the class.


Did you pass?

An illusionary number line

used to define


Statistical analysis of whether you are good enough.




You are.


Education has more value than numbers

You are not a score on a score sheet

Or a cloned, branded and identified sheep.

You are you are you are you

Defined by more lessons than we can count.

Numbers fail to express what it means to see a person undressed.

What will happen if you lose a lover

Or kill one another?

We reach for uniformity, to get us all in a uniform

Wearing this bland dress called norm.

If I were to tell you, you knew more than you knew

Could you call me a teacher

Or can we think of something new?

 Words by Jack McEntee